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Who am I ?

I am a senior R&D engineer at OCamlPro. Previously, I worked at UPMC/LIP6 as a temporary research engineer and teacher. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in 2011 at LIP6 (APR team) and PPS, on statically type-checked Web 2.0 programming under the direction of Emmanuel Chailloux and Vincent Balat. You can download the full document (in French), a black and white version (in French too) and the slides (also in French). I am a former student of ENS Rennes and Paris 6 University.

Areas of interest




OBrowser is an O'Caml virtual machine, written in JavaScript, so you can write OCaml programs, compile them with the standard OCaml compiler, and run them in your Web browser.

download OBrowser

example (requires an HTML5 browser)


A simple 64-bit integer emulation JavaScript library I did for OBrowser.


A small game for the Gnome 2 platform. I stopped maintaining it at a time when the Gnome team was constantly casting doubt upon each and every library (config backend, toolkit, but also HIG, etc.). Now that Gnome 3 is stablilized, I should try and update it.

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